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What Exactly is Business Coaching? Do I really need it?

Coaching Basics

Business coaching is an intentional relationship between a business owner and a certified coach. The role of the coach is to help you design a vision for your business that aligns with your strategic objective – which means your life’s values and goals. The coach builds on this vision to provide you with the necessary guidance, support, and accountability needed to set up and move through your goals, allowing you to take your business from where it is to where you want it to be.

Do You Need Business Coaching?

Do you have an amazing idea that you’d like to turn into a business?

Has your current business hit a plateau in sales?

Do you want to pivot your business to a new or additional audience?

Do you want to enhance your leadership capacity?

Do you want to train your staff to deliver?

Do you want to refine your operations?


Expand Your Sales, Marketing, & Networking Reach

Businesses are sustained by favorable returns on investment and Frank is dedicated to helping organizations make profits while sustaining the required triple bottom line (profit, people, and the planet) that every responsible business aims for.

Have an Active Vision, Strategy, & Roadmap to Reach Your Goals

Profit maximization is vital for business health and growth and that is one undeniable capacity that has endeared Frank’s services to many corporate organizations and individuals who have engaged his services.


Scale & Maintain Healthy Operations & Culture

Having successfully helped many organizations reduce operating costs by an average of 40% while improving revenue by an average of 70%, you will find in Frank a reliable success partner in your business. Strike a balance in the age-long debate of valuing customers above the workforce by creatively sustaining customer satisfaction and repeat patronage through upscaling the capacities of the workforce.

I Also Give Hands-On Workshops & Talks

Committed to Faith-Based Organizations, Corporate organizations, Individuals or professional, Organized Markets, and Entrepreneurs desirous of sustainable growth.

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