Make Success
A Habit

How do I live a consistent life of success? How do I bounce back when I fail? What are the principles that will help me sustain a successful lifestyle? This book – Make Success a Habit answers your questions and more.

About The Book

Its content is worth more than a dip in a gold mine, its diction is simple and fluid, its arrangement is seamless and embellished with relatable illustrations and rich references that will delight every reader despite age, status or nationality.

This book captures in an engaging manner the personal experiences of the author, some notable individuals and organizations in their quest to find profitable relevance in life and their spheres of operation from which readers can draw some deep lessons to apply in their own lives.

It presents some of the clearest definitions of success that point to the fact that success goes beyond just obtaining results to the totality of the process leading to the results or acquisitions.

This book has inspired thousands of people across all age brackets in different nations of the world and has proven to be a valuable mentoring material for people of all ages especially youths and young adults.
In short, this is one great inspirational piece that has positively transformed every person that goes through its contents and you will never regret having or reading it…MAKE SUCCESS A HABIT

If you have ever wanted to live a consistent life of success. If you have ever failed before and are looking for how to get back up. If you are wondering about the principles that guarantee and sustain a successful lifestyle, then this book, Make Success a Habit is the book you have been waiting for.

About the author.

Frank Uzo Ehichanya is an international leadership strategist, business consultant, award-winning writer, public speaker, and a pioneer German certified Dual Vocational Training (DVT) trainer of trainers in Nigeria. He is the President, Youthful & Useful Intl an NGO committed to raising LEADPRENEURS which is a new generation of entrepreneurs with strong leadership capital to champion national development across all spheres of life in and outside Africa.

The central theme of his message is the transformation of human societies by fulfilling purpose through self-discovery, appropriate development, and effective deployment as designed by God. For two decades, he has creatively engaged thousands of youths across Africa through online teachings, radio/TV appearances, and specialized training programs which have positively affected many lives. He also provides strategic management consultancy and leadership training services to corporate and public organizations.

Frank's engagements in nation-building have earned him recognition and hosting by the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Pan African Parliamentarians Forum, Nigeria Economic Summit Group (NESG), among others in addition to participating in nation-building committees like NESG Presidential Elections Debate Committee, NYSC Reform Committee, African Union Youth 4Peace and currently a mentor in the Tony Elumelu Foundation.

Frank Uzo

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