How To Discover Yourself Using The Self-Discovery Matrix (2)


Posted On July 24, 2020

For over one decade, this self-discovery matrix has successfully helped more than 20,000 persons in the course of my leadership training and public speaking engagements. Having discovered themselves, I am sure that if you faithfully apply it, you will get to be introduced to yourself in the most profound manner.

The matrix contains 12 thought-provoking questions geared towards making you think deeply. They will help you unravel the answers hidden inside of you. The essence of using questions in this matrix is because lots of things we want to know are locked up inside of us and asking the right questions helps to stir them up to the surface.

To make this exercise profitable for you, I would advise you to keep a notebook by your side. For the most impactful benefit, you will record all the answers you get, and most importantly, you have to be open-minded and ready to think deep.

You need to understand that discovering yourself is discovering your purpose and every purpose supplies a triad of utility to:

  1. The Creator (God Almighty)
  2. You and 
  3. Humanity in general.

So in serving them with the richness of your endowments, your true identity is revealed. You may like to read a previous article on this to understand better: How To Discover Yourself Using The Self Discovery Matrix 

Let’s get it started:


1. What is it that thing you have the most passion for?

By our very design, we all were divinely crafted to flow best in the areas of our passion. The passion itself may not necessarily define you in entirety but it spreads the welcome mat that ushers you to you.

2. What is it that upsets you so much that you must correct to find rest?

I am not just talking about seeing a problem that you only complain about and walk away the next minute, I mean the one you see and are propelled to solve it before you walk away. It may be as little as helping a strange child to cross the road, seeing to the wellbeing of others or fixing a leadership challenge in your country, etc

3. What is it you can do with great ease?

Whatever you are wired to do without struggling just as seen in other questions are indicators of what you are here to do on earth.

4. What are your giftings?

Gifting here refers to enduing or endowing; that’s the abilities you are naturally equipped with. Your gifting may not necessarily be ‘you’ but it is an eye-opener to who you are. That is why some blacksmiths, carpenters, fishermen, etc can lose their identities to the gifts they possess but it doesn’t necessarily equate gifting to the purpose.

5. What do people know you for?

Sometimes, people act as mirrors to our true selves when we look at ourselves through them. So what is it people know you for?

6. What do people miss the most about you? Or what do people enjoy the most about you?

If you’re not around for a while, what do people miss the most about you? And if you happen to be around, what is it that they enjoy the most about you?

7. What are your divine interactions like?

Every man one way or the other believes in the existence of God regardless of class and creed. To every man, there are divine impulses, revelations, etc that seem to catch their attention the most as though their Maker is telling them where they are needed the most or what they should be doing the most.

8. If you were a commodity, who would be needing you the most?

That is if you were to become a product or service, what segment, demographics, or type of people would need you the most? Whose thirst would easily be quenched by your presence or inputs?

9. What were your childhood dreams?

Sometimes, childhood dreams may seem like mere fantasies yet deep inside them is hidden a peek into what the future holds.

10. What can you do comfortably even if you are not being paid for it?

This part is vital in this matrix because it explains exactly what you can do not just for a day but for a lifetime even without motivation from anyone. That’s the essence of purpose.

11. If every physical thing you had was taken away, what do you possess inside of you that would be enough to get back everything?

In the event that you lost everything you ever had, what is the thing in you that you can use to get back everything that was taken away and even much more? 

In my case, with creative thinking, writing, and speaking abilities, I can always recover everything I have lost.

12. What do you want to be known for?

What is that one thing you would want everyone to associate you with everywhere you go?


It is exciting to see you have come this far with me but now we need to tie up all the answers you have so we can see the new image of yourself that you have discovered. No need to be alarmed if most or even all of your answers look alike because it will be my job to unclutter them and present the real ‘you’ to you using the  following steps

Step 1. Put all your answers on a  scale of preference starting from the most significant 

Step 2. Select the three most important answers that define what you want to do forever

Step 3. Out of the three, choose the one that is most critical to the success of the three others and place the other two behind it accordingly.

Now pause and look at what you have in step 3 again; lying down there in ink is what defines your true self. 

Congratulations, you have successfully discovered yourself but that is not enough because you need to go ahead to develop the capacity to effectively play this role you have discovered 

You could contact me directly as an individual or as a group to help you maximise this self-discovery matrix. 6 Proven Elements Of Success For Growth Discovery is an earlier article I wrote with self-discovery as the first step.

You can also learn more about my books here or directly buy from Amazon by clicking on any title:


Written by Frank Uzo

Frank Uzo is a Leadership Strategist, Business Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Award-Winning Writer. He helps individuals and organizations build their ability to find excellence in corporate or public service.

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