How To Discover Yourself Using The Self-Discovery Matrix (1)


Posted On July 3, 2020

The issue of self-discovery, though primary and simple seems to prove challenging to many people. Man has successfully discovered other planets (apart from the earth), the moon, space, ocean reefs, etc, and has even organized several successful explorations in and out of them. Man has reached the peak of high, rugged mountains, dug hundreds of feet below the earth’s surface for water and solid minerals. Also, man has even successfully caught and packaged the wind to generate electricity, drive turbines, boats, etc. Even with all these limitless discoveries, it has always proven tougher for man to discover himself. Self-discovery is beyond personality tests like Myers Briggs. While the personality tests help in some way to analyze your personality, self-discovery helps you align your whole self to a purpose.

From my research, I have discovered that there are over 140,000 online books that deal with self-discovery. This number excludes paperbacks, several hundreds of thousands, or even millions of CDs circulating around the world produced by public speakers, life coaches, and religious leaders across the globe. Yet there are many people who don’t understand how to discover themselves.

In fact, I recall one occasion when we invited Professor John Adair (the first leadership professor in the world and the then head of leadership program of the United Nations) to Nigeria to speak to our youths and advice our government. After the two day event and the beautiful speeches that ranged from discovering yourself to becoming the leader of your dream, many young people left the forum a bit more confused than they came. They heard what could become of them if they discovered themselves but weren’t told how to do it.

Coincidentally, at the lobby of the hall where some young people accosted me on the matter, the responsibility of bringing this enlightenment to them fell on my shoulders, and with all humility, I did a good job. After talking with them, I saw more satisfied looks and verbal affirmations of clarity than I saw when they met me. 

In this article I will share with you, the method I used in guiding those young people and how you can adapt it for self-discovery.

Benefits Of Self Discovery

Without much ado, I would give you reasons why you need to discover yourself first before I take you through the process of self-discovery.

1. Self Discovery Uncovers Purpose

Every man was born to fulfill a purpose outside of which, his efforts are misplaced. In this context, purpose is the main reason behind your creation by the Almighty God and when you find it, you have found your vision. Purpose is the assignment you have to carry out on earth; it is the value that you have been crafted to add to humanity.

2. Self Discovery Gives Direction

When you have direction, it becomes easier to navigate yourself to your destination (purpose) and that is what self-discovery does. It provides you with the right pathway to undertake the journey of life

3. Self Discovery Engenders Focus

So many people go through life without knowing what to do and where to channel their energies so they operate without focus but knowing what to do enables you to place emphasis where it should be and channel resources correctly for effective results. That is exactly what finding yourself does for you.

4.Self Discovery Determines Association

Knowing yourself gives you the right to choose who to relate with or who not to. In as much as I am a lover of people and always desire to be with them but I can’t go with everyone because everyone is not traveling in my direction. The same thing with you; you can’t afford to be in the same car with people traveling north and expect to easily arrive at your destination down south because you may most likely be taken off track or stopped from arriving early. You will really enjoy company when you partner with people of like passion; people going in your direction.

5. Self Discovery Brings Satisfaction

Nothing could be more fulfilling (apart from knowing your Maker) than knowing who you are. There are inestimable joy and a sense of fulfillment that accompany self-discovery which can only come from having the experience on a personal note. It is an experience that keeps you confident and forward-looking.

6. Self Discovery Breeds Confidence

I can’t ever recall seeing raw confidence in anyone else like I do whenever I meet people who have discovered themselves. They are confident of their identity and convinced about their actions and so are emboldened by it. That is what discovering yourself can do for you

7. Self Discovery Distinguishes You

You will always stand out of the crowd wherever you appear if you have discovered (known) yourself. You can’t afford to be like anybody or everybody when you have found yourself because you become unique and admirable. I have always been known for who I am right from my teenage because I stood up for my purpose as soon as I found myself and am not surprised by the results so far.

Self-discovery is such a great responsibility and heartwarming exercise that anybody who has not successfully engaged it might be correctly said to be missing out of the ‘real deal’ in life. To buttress the importance of this to man, there are over 140,000 online books which not only supply the necessary information you may need but also help to save you time wandering about before you know yourself.

In Conclusion

In part 2, we will be looking at how to use the self-discovery matrix to find yourself. You may like to read: 6 Proven Elements Of Success For Growth, a previous article where I treated self-discovery as an important first step. Read more here. You could also learn more about my books here. Leadership Lessons From Jephthah: How You Can Move From The Dumped To the Celebrated and Make Success A Habit are books that can help you discover and embrace your great potentials.

If you wish to reach me as an individual or a group for practical training sessions on this subject and more, contact me


Written by Frank Uzo

Frank Uzo is a Leadership Strategist, Business Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Award-Winning Writer. He helps individuals and organizations build their ability to find excellence in corporate or public service.

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